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I'm that chick who almost won Hell's Kitchen like 10 years ago....


Hey kids! I'm coming to you live from beautiful New Zealand! Whatuuuuup?! I'm tired of the whole 3rd person concept, so here's my bio: first-hand:

Ehem, allow me to introduce myself - hello, my name is Bonnie and I cook. You might know me from that Gordon Ramsay show called Hell's Kitchen. If you don't, it's was awhile ago now. I'm kind of day-old reality show bread. But that's cool. I still cook, and write about cooking...and eating...and some drinking. But don't tell my mom.

Speaking of parentals, I grew up in Agoura Hills (just outside Los Angeles) and was a pretty quirky kid. I liked bugs and digging in the dirt...and collecting bugs...and saving bugs... I also liked theater. I thought I wanted to be an actress (since my mom vetoed my becoming an entomologist - she thought people would laugh at me - I think she was right. Thanks mom.) Anyway, I also wanted to travel so I left the US at 18 and ventured over to Cape Town, South Africa to do some studying and take in the sites for a few months, which turned into 4 years. It was here in Cape Town that I really discovered food and cooking. More eating than anything, really. I tried to cook but really wasn't too skilled.

Anyway, I came back to LA and tried my hand at the acting scene...hated it..left it and fell right into a nannying job in Beverly Hills. This is where things started to change: I was duped into becoming a private chef! Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy with the way things turned out (isn't life amazing?), but I really was duped, and thrown into the deep end of a beautiful kitchen, feeding gourmet-ish meals to a family who had totally different dietary needs and taste preferences. Yeah...that worked out well the first few months. Sorry guys! BUT! I slowly started to get the hang of it all and started to realize I might be pretty good at this whole cooking thing. So I enrolled in culinary school. Then auditioned for Hell's Kitchen. Then almost won (but didn't).

So I went into business for myself and started Bonnie Appetit! That's me, that's my brand. It's not much of a brand but I have high hopes. And then I got married and moved to New Zealand (you know, like you do) and am adjusting to funny accents (mine apparently), driving on the other side of the road (don't say "wrong", people get really upset), and opposite seasons. I'm trying to find my niche. My website is my niche right now. Do check it out.

It's all my recipes I think people might like. Stay tuned, there's more to come. Thanks for checking in!



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