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I knew you didn't cheat on the tasting challenge. You totally redeemed yourself with that one.


So I just watched this show and just had to say I totally don't get the hate for you at all, you seemed like such a sweet and nice person. And the internets make people say stupid shit. Good luck in the future :)


You were really cool and nice. Don't worry about people hating you, they are just jealous of your good looks. Most of us know you're a sweet & very nice girl :).

What are you upto these days? Are you still cooking?


I thought you had incredible style, grace, and poise. Very inspirational.


Hi Bonnie,

Actually, I have two questions concerning with Hell's Kitchen and I hope you have not blocked out the answers. ;-)

But first of all, I'd like to say that I was a little surprised when you included Brad amongst your friends because he clearly accused you of cheating on the blind test (which I am sure you did not) and he clearly stated "I want Rock to win" during the Final... O_o You're very forgiving, sweetie! I know I wouldn't. I hate double-faced people. And secondly, I am also surprised when you say you were one of the most hated on the show because you're quite loveable. There is nothing mean or vicious about you, something the others definitely cannot say. The guy who said he wanted to physically harm you is obviously a wacko.

Anyway... here are my questions:

1) When did you guys go to the Diary Room? You always seem to be making comments about stuff that is happening whilst you are actually there. Obviously, it is impossible so it is only logical to think that it must have taken place after it happened. Did they ask you to "pretend" you were making live comments? I hope this is not part of your non-disclosure agreement because that's actually one part of the show I am very curious about.

2) What made you decide to send your application for a reality tv show? Did you actually think you could win it or was it just for the fun of it?


Hi Olivier! Oh you ask some good questions! Unfortunately we can't discuss what happens "behind the scenes" as such. I'm so sorry!

Brad is lovely and I have no hard feelings towards him. Everyone is in competition mode during the show, and it can't really be taken to seriously.

I heard about the HK 3 auditions through culinary school. I just thought I'd audition for fun, just to see how far I'd get. I never EVER thought I'd actually make it on the show. Once I did there was just no time to reconsider!

Thanks for your questions. I wish I could answer all of them fully :)

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