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February 19, 2012


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You neither crotchety nor uptight, darling ! You pooped in a tupperware for heavens’ sake! lol You have every reason to feel annoyed. People who just come by unexpectedly are so annoying and I completely stand by your willingness to voice it. It’s not you who are uptight, it’s the those who just pop in who have a complete lack of good manners. They take for granted that you are going to stop everything you are doing to welcome them. One should call beforehand to find out 1) if you are going to be there and 2) if you are in the mood to have a guest. Actually, I find that you have been way too nice (again). I don’t care if it’s your husband’s long lost friend or even the Queen of England. In your shoes, I would merely tell them “I’m sorry, I like you but I cannot see you right now. This is a bad time. Next time, please call beforehand to check if we can see you otherwise you are just gonna do the journey for nothing. See you!” and I would close the door. There is nothing wrong with that and believe me, they would not try it twice if they are not completely stupid. If they did, I would then tell them to just piss off! ;) As I said before, there is no sign on your door saying “free peep show, please come in!” And I don’t care how mellow or Hobbit-friendly kiwis are.


Typo correction: in line 4, it should read "it's those who...", of course. You see, I can do them too. ;)

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