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February 22, 2012


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Great post, helpful ideas. I fucking love that you are so honest and swear!! Keep up the good work.


I could tell you’d been busy from how quiet you had turned on both your blog and your Facebook profile. I thought you were either traveling or you merely needed a break from all virtual socializing activity, which I do from time to time. However absence might be felt, you are definitely making up for it now as I can barely follow you on your blogging frenzy. I see you haven’t lost your touch even if you are not ranting… ;)

I don’t know why you hate your tablet exactly, as I haven’t “fallen” into it yet but I think I can imagine. A typepad cannot offer the same typing comfort as a proper keyboard. I just don’t see the point of tablets. I am quite happy with my laptop and I still cannot see what an iPad can do that my laptop couldn’t, despite the efforts of a Mac sales guy to convince me that it is the coolest thing on the Earth right now. It was like “Whaaaaat? You still haven’t got youuuuuurs?” No, mate! Good try but your selling technique is so “has been”. I won’t buy something just for the sake of following a trend (and I’m not saying that you did). And I resent the fact that we are replacing books with virtual stuff and putting it in children’s hands. At this rate, future generations will be unable to do any handwriting whatsoever (that phenomenon has already started) and will become illiterate ultimately but let’s not get me started on this, as I might dwell on it and it’s your blog after all, not mine.

Coming back to your points. I completely agree with your number 1. Being French, breakfast is sacred and requires a good half an hour during the week and way more during the weekend. It usually consists of delicacies of the likes of croissants, pains au chocolat, bread (I mean real crusty baguette, not the rubbish loaf thing that the brits call bread) with butter and marmelade or nutella, the unavoidable fruit juice for your vitamin C and chocolate milk or tea or coffee depending on taste. If there is one thing I have never been able to adapt to in the UK, it’s their horrible, horrible breakfast. Just the smell of fried stuff first thing in the morning was enough to put me in very bad mood for the rest of the day. I let you imagine the repeated confrontations with my now ex-English girlfriend… she’s not my ex over a breakfast dispute, I might add. I just need something sweet to get me started softly. Not bloody beans on toast, sausage and fried egg. Yuk! Anyway… I am not going to comment on your favourite breakfast for the sake of our friendship. Let’s just say that if we ever meet and that a breakfast is involved, no freaking tuna for me, thank you very much! lol I love tuna but not for breakfast. ;)

Blueberries, like all the berries (especially cranberries by the way), besides tasting good they also have the benefit of increasing your capital anti-cancer significantly so, one should definitely integrate them in their food as regularly as possible.

I admire your resilience for typing as much as you do with only two fingers. It’s like running a semi-marathon on only one foot, ins’t it? It explains the (seldom) typos. I hope your other fingers grow back. lol No, seriously, why don’t you just throw this tablet away? Or better, offer it to your worst enemy. Anyway, you’ve definitely comforted me in my choice to stay away from iPads for one thing.

I’ll keep your number 5 point in mind. I actually never think of aromatherapy. Probably a boy thing. We don’t think of these things. Girls usually spend a lot of time in the bathroom before going to bed, moisturizing, doing all sorts of healthy things that we don’t. May be I’ll try your lavender bath trick if I can have a submarine in my bath. That should be enough to preserve my manhood, you know… Now, as far as I doing something relaxing to put me to sleep, I actually have something else in mind, one that you cannot do alone, which works wonders… ;)

As for your number 6, wheat? Really? Ok, good to know. Although, I dread microwave ovens and I’ll find another way of heating it up. I am actually surprised that you, out of everyone else, even have one. You’re gonna think that I am technology-resilient but cancers have quite obviously significantly increased in modern societies and we must start re-thinking our way of life. If I could hardly imagine doing without a computer or a mobile phone, I know I can live without a microwave oven. It’s a matter of choice.

Anyway, thanks for overcoming your hatred of tablets and sharing these good tips.

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