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February 01, 2012


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Jim S

What a great post! It makes me want to move to New Zealand and not just for some of the reasons listed in point 7 :)

Thanks for Sharing!


Can't wait to see for myself. :)


As a fellow Californian who married a Kiwi and actually lives in Napier, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Very very true!!! And I have a husband who can fix anything or thinks he can, while of coarse wearing his stubbies!!!


Not a DIY queen ? Well, don’t beat yourself up. My survival skills are also left to be desired. At least, should the apocalypse strike upon us, your cooking skills would prove a very valuable asset in a group of survivors. That’s something isn’t it? Besides, it gives your husband an opportunity to shine and save the day everytime you ask him to do something you cannot do. Us males need that. ;) Anyway, I will picture Kiwis with a rugby ball in one hand and a N°8 wire in the other hand from now on. I will try to forget what you said about their legs, though. Unless you had been talking about the female gender but your “I know this because…” totally ruined it for me. lol

Short shorts are a definite “no no” in fashion terms so I guess there must either be a rugby influence indeed or it is a cooling system for their walnuts. Either way, not my cup of tea and your husband is a lucky guy to have found a girl who appreciates this. But again, they worship Vegas so…

Mellow is good but too mellow isn’t. I know what you feel. Being French and feisty, the brits probably had an earful of bla blah blah blah from me too. Haha! I did try to become like them. I mean self composed and boring (except when they are waisted, of course) but my true nature always resurfaced however hard I could try to sedate myself. Let me know if yoga does it for you. I am bored just thinking about yoga. Naked yoga would be fun. Hey! Here’s an idea… ;) Please, don’t become mellow! You’re too much fun to turn into a kiwi and I’m sure this is what your husband liked in you otherwise he would have picked a girl from NZ. Like you, I would not like people just popping up at my house whenever they please. There is no sign at the entrance saying “free peep show” for God’s sake! At least, now they are aware of it if they read your blog.

So kiwis are real life Hobbits? That explains why it was filmed over there… So you’re basically saying that LA is Sauron’s lair. Funny, I pictured it somewhere near the Caspian Sea…

You’re surprised that they have a dark side but you know, even Hobbits can be really mean if you try to take their “preciousssssss….” Alright, now I’m picturing you shopping naked. That would be a good reason to “glare” at you. ;)

Bip! Typo alert in #9, I repeat typo alert in #9! “As I enter a the automatic doors” and “Apprently” do not compute…

Bip! Typo alert in #10, I repeat typo alert in #10! “Percipitation” does not compute.

Please, do not be cross, I know how much time and effort you put into this and you must have started to get tired at this point.

So… what you are saying in a nutshell, is that you live among Hobbits with great legs who wear short shorts and yield a N°8 wire in their hand in a beautiful country washed up by frequent rain… interesting… well, good luck with that! lol

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