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October 11, 2011


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Aw, that was a heart-touching story!
Or, well, wallet-touching, whatever.

(Un)fortunately I don't have any more stories to share BUT, I guess I could tell you what happened to a friend of mine - yes, it really was a friend of mine, I'm not just putting the blame on others.

Not a big deal, anyway: on my way to the bus station I get a call from this friend who then proceeds to say: "Sam, help me! I'm approaching one of those DCPs and I can clearly see he's going to talk to me!".

At first I was like: "Uh... cross to the other side?" but then the lightbulb lit. "Hey, pretend you're English, speak in English!" and I hung up.

5 minutes later he calls me again.
"He knew English!"


Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie... (long pause). Repeat after me: "NO!"

See how simple it is? You're not the village idiot, you're just waaaaay too generous. I'll just tell you the following:

1. you can say no;
2. you don't owe anything to homeless people or clipboard people or bread representatives whatsoever, just ignore them;
3. homeless people can go to a shelter if they want to;
4. you are a cute girl, you should not talk to homeless people let alone give them your phone number, you are taking risks by doing so (a friend of mine was savagely raped and killed by a homeless guy, she was only 18).

Sorry for being such a joykiller but this is a bit of a sensitive topic for me. I am not really surprised that your homeless guy was able to call you and that he hinted at the fact that he had a rather busy life because I once saw my dentist begging in the street. He looked like a homeless guy but in reality, he had a job, a flat, a wife and kids... Another time, I overheard a florist telling a client that a homeless guy was coming to see her everyday to convert his "hard earned" (^^) change into 50 euro notes. That's right! I said noteS. I also said everyday. If you also take into account that this guy was not paying any tax, it turns out that he was making himself a hefty "salary". I am not saying that all beggers are wealthy but there is nevertheless a remote possibility that you might be giving money to someone pretending to be in a much worse situation than he really is.

Anyway... I am sorry if I sound too serious this time. Despite all I've just said, this is a really good story and you did make me smile. I could see you carrying the damn thing for him... lol, you are such a darling! :)

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