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September 23, 2011


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Jim Simon


To me, it's the honesty and open sharing of your life that make your blog refreshing. I've noticed over the years that the more celebrity one obtains the more strangers take from you. The autographs, photos, do this, help here, it's a lot. I don't think there is anything wrong with sharing your honest feelings about not getting the love in return, it's human nature.

If you and your Man ever get to Milwaukee, WI burgers and beers will be my treat! We've got some great local breweries.



As an avid member of the collective "you," I just wanted you to know that I also follow your blogs :) I actually get quite excited when I see you've written a new one, which gives you an idea of how exciting my life is.. nothing against your writing because I love it, but you get the idea. I've even ritualized the 'reading of the blog' - I open it up and save it to my reader so when I get a break from a job I can't stand semicolon I can go outside, sit on the curb, hold my cell phone up to my face and read your blog! Great for getting my mind off junk that I shouldn't be thinking about :)and I go back into work with a stupid grin on my face because of something you 'said.' I'm actually still backtracking to get caught up... and I'm thinking I either have a bad memory, or have more to go since I don't recall reading about the tupperware incident...ahem. I suppose it's like a porta-potty with a courtesy lid? At any rate, Thank you for sharing everything you share and my personal best wishes to you for a continued GREAT life!


LMAO You diiiid ??!!! (poop in a tupperware) I didn’t know thaaat ! Wow! O_o And when I thought eating dog food was gross, this definitely superseeds it by a mile. I do believe you and you may wanna know that I am even picturing it as I am having lunch, thank you very much. Hahaha! It definitely breaks down the Snowwhite Princess image a little bit, I have to admit. Lol Oooohhh! Gosh! When I thought you could not surprise me any more, you take me completely off guard and come up with something like this. It’s a shame you cannot see me right now because I just can’t stop laughing. No need to drink (it’s midday for crying out loud), I definitely feel drunk. Lol That’s why I like you so much. You’re natural and spontaneous.

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I knew if I corrected your spelling (especially in your own tongue, lol), this would bite me right back in the ass. I should know better. I am really gonna have to double-check my own spelling from now on. Haha! (please, take another drink, lol) In fact, that’s exactly why I made sure I did not really “correct” your spelling and restrained myself to merely assume that’s what you meant (I think I am making it worse, just shush Olivier, please, don’t frown, Bonnie), thus leaving the door open for the possibility of a typo, which it was quite obviously andIamverysorryifIoffendedyouinanywayIpromiseIwillnotdoitag…. ;-) Haha! No, seriously, I have not used a TypePad yet but if it works like smartphones, I appreciate how typos can easily be made. Please, tell me I got away with this one. (cough) If you were here, I’d give you the same look as Olive’s. I’m gonna do your Thai smoochie soup tomorrow to make up for it and give a boost to my awesomeness. ;-)

So much for not having anything particularly funny or embarrassing to say… you’ve definitely put a big smile on my face (again)! Not drunk but feeling like it!

Kisses and hugs right back at you (in a gentleman and friendly manner, of course)!


I love Bonnieblog.


Dreaded clipboard people? Here's my experience.

I've been trudging for the past... 7 years (starting the 8th) from high school, and then university, to the bus station, and I've to cross the city centre in order to get there.

Along the way, I tend to meet DCP (Dreaded Clipboard People, that is) very often, and by now I've learned how to... politely avoid them (read: deliberately crossing the road and taking another street).

The problem is, sometimes you just can't cross, and you're forced to pass near them. Have you ever noticed how, of all people, they ALWAYS get YOU?!

Long story short, some were asking for a donation for... I don't even know what (I tend to not listen to people when I have a bus to catch in like 5 minutes); after my (polite) refusal, I began walking again, and basically got told "go get drowned in gas", which, in Italian, sounds weird as hell.

And near the station, there are DCP of the nearby bookshop, who stop you and ask a ton of info about your reading habits, how many books you usually buy/read in a year, ect.

A classmate of mine, who once worked as one of them, told me that they are so insistent because they get paid like 7€ (that's ~10$) for every new customer they can get to register.

After all I had been through with DCP, I didn't feel bad at all when I purposedly made them lose a lot of their time with me, stopping me, asking me stuff, escorting me in the bookshop, making me read leaflets and all, and finally telling me the cost, only for me to tell them I hadn't money with me at the moment (which, by the way, was true).

So... yeah, I hate DCP.

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