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September 22, 2011


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LOLOLOL. Other people do read it. :) We just wait for the right post to comment on. This was Ha-larious! I had to share this with my wife because you nailed it on the head. She once bought 5 magazine subscriptions because she was too polite to say no. I've tried to teach her the "eyes forward-ignore mode enabled" douche move but she hasn't mastered it yet. Again, hilarious post!


Hello Bonnie! I always look forward to your next post because I know that I am in for a laugh. I don’t know if I am your best friend but I do hope that we will manage to meet up some day, one way or another, because I know we’d get on really well. It’s a shame you live so far away.

Back to your anecdote. My reaction was… Bloody hell! Are these people for real? I reckon you jaw must have dropped when your $10 got rejected. I can’t believe they dare asking people their bank details in the street. The only signature they’d get from me is the print of my shoe on their arse. And… wow! The guy who asked you out on a date really had some nerve. He first insulted you and then asked you on a date. So much for calling you “cheap”. I reckon he was speaking for himself. And I wished I had been there to see the kid’s face when you told him that the world was a competitive place. Haha! This is priceless. Good one, Bonnie!

We don’t have “clipboard people” as such in Europe (well, not that I know of anyway) but we get the harassment all the same. I do not think you are being cynical (I think that’s what you meant with “cynacle”). I am a keen supporter of charities and I admire people who go to great lengths to help make the world a better place but I can’t stand unsollicited calls and begging. I want to feel that I am giving because I have decided to, definitely not because some agitated nerd is going to wave a leaflet or a clipboard in my face. Actually, especially not when some agitated nerd is waving a leaflet (or a clipboard) in my face.

You can say no, sweetie, and YOU HAVE TO because even if you had won HK, $250 000 is not that much money and you would probably have spent it all already (I know what I am talking about…). So, let’s face it, you cannot give to everyone and you cannot give every time, even if you wanted to. You have your conscience for yourself and you do not have to justify yourself to some people standing all day long in front of a shop with a clipboard attached around their neck.

The fake call on your mobile (that’s how they call cell phones in the UK) is a clever move indeed but if you still cannot resist and say no, I suggest you bring two wallets with you next time. One with your money for your shopping and an empty one, which you will be able to show them. Or… if you want to have some fun, you can have your own clipboard on which you would have written DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! in huge block letters. That should do it. Haha! Please, do let me know how it went if you ever do that. ;-)


I love reading it!!!

but now I know you like feedback.. will start to do it when I get back from Vegas


Jim Simon


I'm thankful that you are writing more. I've enjoyed your posts for quite sometime. Even through the 1 post every 8 months phase a few years ago :)

To the point of this post, I didn't laugh, I felt your pain. I've been in very similar situations all too often. Then one day I stopped and talked to one of the clipboard people. I asked him how he was doing, chatted him up, got him comfortable. I started asking about his job and his tactics. He confessed that it's not who he is as a person, it was his job. He was trained on how to guilt people, how to play on their emotions, to get the most out of them. It was just a job.

I asked about the ones that just ignore him, or are rude to him. He said it was just like being a telemarketer... On to the next call. He said that the first few days he'd sometimes be a little hurt or upset but the second the next person came walking up he'd be right back at it. It was his job and that's all it was.

Ethel Barrett said it best “We would worry less about what others think of us if we realized how seldom they do.”

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You had a distinct style of writing that makes your post so easy and entertaining to read. Already looking forward to the next adventure in the life of Chef Bonnie!


Hey bonnie, I have started reading. I saw you at the Scallop festival and couldn't believe that one of our favourite Hell's Kitchen constestants was all the way down in this part of the world cooking at a two bit gala, so did some googling when I got home to find out why.

I have to say a big welcome, I hope you enjoy it here. I love the blog, your written self comes across very well and I have enjoyed.

Hope to see you again sometime, you were the highlight of that Sunday that's for sure.


Hi Bonnie,
I really enjoyed your post!
I realized that I have a same problem yesterday when a person with a binder stopped me. They appeared so friendly and I wanted to give them props but of course we end up getting accused as the stingy bad person.. what the hell right!?

She was talking for 45 minutes straight while I attempted to walk away several times. She was such a motormouth I wanted to burst out in tears and strangle her!!

I think next time if I get caught off guard I'm just going to apologize numerously and VERY loudly so they won't even have time to blurt out a word to me. Let's do this!

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So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)


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